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Super Critical Kush


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Descending from famously powerful Spanish genetics, Super Critical is a strong Indica dominant strain known for it’s production and strong narcotic-like effects. Patients of lower tolerance should not use this strain during the day as it will likely lead to them getting nothing done. This strain is great for pain relief and can have a very calming effect on a person, good for alleviating anxiety. Super Critical was developed by the Green House Seed Company by using their strain Super Bud, a cross between Big Bud and Skunk #1, as the mother. Super Bud, which is also known for producing large yields, was crossed with the world famous White Widow.Super Critical grows to a medium height. It is a plant great for indoor grows, ideal for the Screen of Green and Sea of Green techniques. The strain requires a little experience in growing but due to it’s yield can still do well for those just starting their own grows, up to 800 grams indoors per square meter. While indoors it will need eight weeks to finish flowering, outside in warm temperate and semi-humid maritime climates it is ready by the end of October, April in the Southern hemisphere. Outdoors Super Critical can bear up to a whopping 1200 grams per plant. These seeds are feminized and Green House also offers an auto-flowering version.


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