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Sharks Breath


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There’s always been a fair bit of mystery surrounding the breeding practices at Buddha Seeds as the group doesn’t often give up much in the way of strain data. Such is the case for Kraken, a strain that’s indica-dominant but no one really knows why. Many point to the possibility of Kush genetics, but only a few people know for certain.Newer users will love this strain’s welcome potency level that averages around 12% THC but should keep in mind that while she seems tame, her effects will kick in with full force. Nugs are a sight to behold with a neon green shade that’s rich with tiny golden trichomes and a few orange pistils. Kraken’s flavors and aromas are quite complex, as notes of vanilla and nuts shine through the brightest with an underlying mix of diesel, flowers, and mint. Great as an after dinner treat, this bud is easy on the lungs.At first, those who indulge in Kraken will think that their dispensary made a mistake on the label, as this strain will seem anything like an indica-dominant bud. Users will initially become infused with energy and social aptitude, creating the desire for conversations with everyone while giggles come freely. This attitude is surrounded by extreme euphoria, and for just a moment, you may think that your to-do list will get some attention. However, as bodily tingles intensify, you’ll melt into whatever surface you’re sitting on and will become so relaxed that sleep is inevitable.Medical marijuana users may take one look at Kraken’s potency and turn the other way, but we assure you, she’s more powerful than you’d think. Anyone who struggles with insomnia will no doubt find this bud offers everything needed to get a good night of sleep, and those who stay awake due to muscle spasms or other bodily pain will be counting sheep in no time. Mental woes are equally addressed with this bud, making stress and depression a complete thing of the past.Like the monster she’s named after, Kraken is a bit difficult to tame for home growers. She falls into the intermediate category of cultivation and requires a lot of food and a lot of space. You can plant her inside or outdoors, but be prepared to offer more love and attention to this gal than you likely have had to in the past. However, all of that work is worth it, because after 8 to 9 weeks you’ll end up with a huge harvest.Buddha Seeds often creates some pretty stellar bud and Kraken is certainly one of them. From her social and uplifting effects to her ability to ease you to sleep in no time at all, she has a little something to offer everyone. Make sure to keep the snacks handy too, as this monster creates an insatiable hunger.


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