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Shark Breath AAAAA+


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Sharks’ Breath (or Sharksbreath) is an indica-dominant hybrid whose intimidating name belies its gentle, soothing high. Created by DNA Genetics, the evil geniuses behind Tangie and LA Confidential, this strain is a cross between Jamaican sativa Lamb’s Breath and award-winning Great White Shark. The result is a potent bud with a tangy and sweet aroma. Shark’s Breath is a good choice for consumers who’d like to relax but still maintain a lucid frame of mind. This bud’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 26%.Shark’s Breath’s flowers set themselves apart right away with large, well-formed colas. These buds have the dense structure of other indica-leaning varieties and adhere in an elongated, slightly tapered shape, almost like miniature pinecones. The leaves are a vivid shade of spring green and are twisted through with dark orange pistils. A sprinkling of translucent amber trichomes gives these dense flowers a faint yellow tinge.On first inspection, Shark’s Breath has a sharp and sour orange-inflected scent. Sniffing these flowers more closely also reveals the flowery sweetness that marks parent strain Lamb’s Breath. Meanwhile, breaking open or grinding up the buds introduces an overly sweet odor that almost smells rank or fermented. Surprisingly, despite these bold aromas, Shark’s Breath burns with a relatively smooth and palatable smoke. And while even marine biologists may be hard-pressed to describe the smell of an actual shark’s breath, we have a feeling that this strain’s smoke comes close, tasting like a combination of sour citrus and skunk on the exhale. Finally, this strain is said to be a particularly pungent smoke and may pose a problem for smokers who’d prefer to stay discreet.


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