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Hurkle – AA +++


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The team from TGA Subcool Seeds has done it again as Hurkle has entered the market with an interesting blend of flavors and effects. By crossing Harlequin with Querkle, they’ve been able to create an indica-dominant strain that offers a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio that still imparts a fair amount of psychoactivity.At best, Hurkle measures in at 12% THC, but remember, this is matched nearly equally with her CBD potency. Buds of this strain are fairly commonplace, as a dense structure is bedazzled with bright orange pistils and tons of white trichomes. Her flavors and aromas are similar, however each of your senses will pick up on different things right off the bat. As you break the nugs apart, you’ll smell a strong note of coffee with hints of spicy grape. Sweet grape and earth dance along your palate as you smoke with just a hint of espresso on the tail end of things.Users may be under the impression that they’ll have to smoke a lot of Hurkle in order to truly get high, and this suspicion is confirmed with her creeper-like tendencies. However, patience is a virtue here because before long, you’ll begin to notice a feeling of joy that sinks deep into your consciousness. Physical effects join the party soon after, making you feel heavy and relaxed and often leading users to sleep.Any strain that features a measurable amount of CBD is a great choice for medicinal relief, and Hurkle is certainly no exception. Boasting more therapeutic benefits than your average bud, many turn to her for help with stress and anxiety, as negativity simply vanishes after a few tokes. Physical ailments are addressed in a big way with this bud, allowing for inflammation, headaches, seizures, muscle spasms, and so much more to be soothed. As Hurkle brings about a fair level of relaxation, individuals who struggle with insomnia find it to be a huge help.


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