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Gorilla Glue #5 – AAAA


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A California native and exclusively found at CannaCruz, Gorilla Glue 5 (AKA GG5) by GG Strains is a powerful cross between GG1 and GG4, making this the next of kin in a long line of other stellar GG strains. More than just a clever name, this strain will have you glued to your pillow in a state of utter relaxation.This 70/30 indica-dominant blend offers up a walloping 28% THC that will have consumers couch locked and hazy in a few short puffs. This bud has a strong diesel smell and is not for the faint of heart in either aroma nor effects. The spicy undertones are often overpowered by the strong diesel flavor on the palette and though the light minty color would fool you into believing that it may have a refreshing aftertaste, you’d be wrong. That pungent odor and flavor stay with you long after the smoke has dissipated. The saving grace is the brightly colored orange trichomes and amber hairs that frost the otherwise unattractive nugs.Don’t let the harsh description fool you, as there is a time and place for even the dankest and most pungent of buds. For those who want a full on locked down high that will have you feeling weighed down and hungry, this is absolutely the bud you want to reach for. The effects are far more powerful than its parents and give you an initial rush of excitement and giggles while the creeping body effects make their way through your bloodstream. As the waves begin you’ll feel heavier and heavier and less and less motivated. The blissful feeling of relaxation will replace any plans you may have thought you wanted to keep before smoking.Anyone looking for relief from insomnia has come to the right place. The overtone of this weed is that it will have you out like a light in a short time, while first bringing your spirits up and relaxing your mind. These awesome effects are also beneficial to those who are treating symptoms of pain, depression, stress, or anxiety. Because it is also used as a stimulant, GG5 is great for lack of appetite, eating disorders, and aiding in digestion. Novice users are not recommended to partake of this strain as it can become overwhelming and induce or agitate anxiety in inexperienced smokers.


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