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Amethyst – AAAAA+


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Potent in nature and delicious by design, Amethyst isn’t just a beautiful bud to look at, but it’s an incredibly relaxing high to hand off your stresses to and watch as they disappear into the abyss. By crossing Sage N Sour and Grandaddy Purple, Zion Botanicals have created a delicate but energetic high that offers users the opportunity to be creative without losing that mellow indica buzz……………..Depending on how it is bred, this blend is either an indica-dominant hybrid or a fifty-fifty blend. Both offer different flavors and differing effects, however with THC levels ranging from 13% to 20%, the high stays relatively consistent whichever way you slice the pie. Buds of this strain are small and airy, with leafy mint green and dark purple undertones. They give off an agreed upon aroma of lavender and pine, with orange tang and juicy berry overtones. The flavors range from spicy orange to dark juicy berry and have lavender undertones with a minty pine smoke………………ADHD, bipolar, PTSD, and stress can all benefit from Amethyst as it has profoundly soothing properties that will leave the user focused and blissful. The relaxing effects of this strain offer the ability to calm the nerves and tend to replace whatever is weighing on your mind with an airiness that is often geared at creativity. Users that suffer from fatigue can also utilize this strain for relief as it is a mildly energetic bud that is long lasting………..Growing this plant should have anyone who loves its effects rejoicing. This is an easy to moderate strain to cultivate, great for novice growers to better their skills. Though it is relatively easy, it not recommended as a first-time plant. The yield is high, with a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, and it will flourish indoors and outdoors………..Though there are many versions of Amethyst and many buds by this name, we think this one is definitely worth trying. The effects are potent but not harsh, and users love it for a myriad of reasons. Whether you are a recreational user or medical patient, you’re sure to find a use for this bright, daytime bud…………..


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