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$280 an Oz NOW $225 Holy Moly !!! for our AAAAA+ Normally $320 an Oz FIRE SALE !!! (Super Quads Plus) Premium Bud (split in 1/4’s)


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    Monday March 1/21 Choose from our top BC AAAAA Super Quads Plus Premium at only $280 an oz for a limited time to try them out. These are some of the best buds in Canada! Regularly $320 an oz now $225 an oz.  Yup you got it, $225 AN OZ.  HOLY MOLY LOL ———-You can split the oz in 4 separate strains so you can try different new strains.

    Warning! Once you try these you will not want to go back to anything else.  Get it while it lasts.


    Astro Space Monkey (Indica 28% THC), Gorilla Zklittles (Indica 28%THC), Jager (Indica 28%THC), Pink Breath (Indica 28%THC), Pink Amnesia (Indica 28%THC),  Space Cookies (Indica 28%THC), Sour Royale (Indica 28%THC)


    Blackberry Pie (Hybrid 28% THC), Gods Green Crack (Hybrid 28% THC), Ice Wreck (Hybrid 28% THC), Mandarin Cookies (Hybrid 28% THC), Nilla Wafer (Hybrid 28% THC), Pink Rockstar (Hybrid 28% THC), Thin Mint Cookies (Hybrid 28% THC)


    Cherry Sonic (Sativa 28% THC), Memory Loss (Sativa 28% THC), Pink Panther (Sativa 28% THC), Shark Breath (Sativa 28% THC), Sour Goji Haze (Sativa 28% THC)                                   Royale Flush (Sativa 28% THC)

    —- Most people say this is the best bud they have ever seen or tried. Tell us what you think.

    * This is a sampler platter special: You get to choose 4 different strains in 1/4 oz of any 1 strain.


    Below is our The Creme de la Creme.

    If you’ve been wanting to try some of our rare VIP/ Kraft strains ($300+/oz strains) this is a great opportunity to do so, as you can upgrade for $10-15 more per quarter oz depending on strain. $10 more for stains up to $310 and $15 for strains up to $340; $300+/oz regular price Selection today March 1/21


    Astro Pink (Indica 31% THC), Astro Wedding Cake (Indica 31% THC), Cotton Candy (Indica 31% THC), Greasy Pink (Indica 31% THC), Pink Rozay by Cookies (Indica 31% THC), El Jefe by Cookies (Indica 31% THC)


    Cookies (Indica Hybrid 31%THC), The Great Gazoo (Hybrid 31%THC), Ice Cream Cake (Indica Hybrid 31% THC), Miracle Alien Cookies (Hybrid 31%THC)


    Jet Fuel Gelato (Sativa 31%THC), Sour Tangie (Sativa 31% THC)

    * This too is a sampler platter special: You get to choose 4 different strains in 1/4 oz of any 1 strain.  The Creme de la Creme.



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