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$190 Oz AAAA / QUAD Special – choose up to 4 strains per oz


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    Today (August 4th) We have the following strains; Blueberry Kush (Indica 24% THC), Bubba Rock (Indica-Hybrid 24% THC), Black Diamond (Indica 25% THC), Black Mamba (Indica 25% THC), Bubba Diesel (Hybrid, 1/2 oz left), Critical Mass (Indica 22% THC), Dragon Kush (Hybrid), Death Cookies (Indica, 1/4oz left), 1/8th left of Exodus Cheese (Hybrid 18% THC), Gelato 45 (Hybrid 25% THC), Gods Green Crack (Hybrid 25% THC), Gorilla Glue #5 (Indica 28% THC), Hawaiian Lime (Sativa 25% THC), Jack Frost (Sativa-Hybrid 21% THC), La Confidential (Indica 26% THC), NUKEN (Indica 25% THC), OG Kush (Sativa-Hybrid 27% THC), Pineapple OG (Sativa 26% THC), Purple God (Indica 25% THC), Purple Trainwreck (Hybrid 26% THC 2% CBD), Platinum Bubba (Indica), Pink Violator (Indica 22% THC), Pink Zombie (Indica 23% THC), Querkle (Hy – IN), Recon (Indica 23% THC), Rock Tuna (Indica), RockStar (Hybrid 17% THC), Romulan (Indica 20% THC), Royal Gorilla (Hybrid 24%), Shark OG (Hybrid 25% THC), Sour Diesel (Sativa 25% THC), Space Cookies (Hybrid 26% THC), SuperGlue (Indica 28% THC, 1/8oz left), Super Lemon Haze x Hawaiian Snow (Sativa-Hybrid 24% THC), Trump OG (Indica 20% THC), Violator (Indica 22% THC 2% CBD), White Walker (Hybrid 22% THC), Wedding Cake (Indica 25% THC), Washing Machine (Indica 20% THC, 1/4oz left), White Lightening (Hybrid 24% THC), XXX OG (Indica 21% THC) are available for our 1 OZ of premium Quad bud (AAAA) for only $190————-or you can get our $290 an oz Super Quads (AAAAA) for $225 —- ( You can split the Oz into Quarters and get 4 different Strains!—–Call or preferably text to place your order. ———- Canna West guarantee ” If you are not happy with our product, we will exchange it or give you back your money”…………………. For GTA Call or Text 647 323 3488. * Delivery discounts do not apply to specials. There is usually a $15 deliveryee. Cheers.





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