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Chocolate Bars – 500 mg THC. – Eu4ia Shatter Bars – Sativa or Indica – 3 Flavours – Vegan Available


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Eu4ia Extractions Shatter Bars are the perfect solution for daily management, personal use, or large gatherings.   Available in 250mg and 500mg THC extract strengths, with options of Sativa and Indica.   Each bar is easily dividable into 24 squares, so you know exactly how much of our Lab Tested Extracts you are consuming. Euphoria Extraction Shatter Bars will make everyday a good day!   A bar that reaches higher for our edible-experienced patients – this bar will shatter all expectations as each creamy, milk chocolate piece melts in your mouth. Euphoria Extractions has concocted an easy-dose bar infused with lab tested full spectrum extract drawn from top quality cannabis. Toss one of these in your purse or pack and never be without your potent partner and begin medicating today with these Must Try’s !   Shatter bars come in a variety of flavors, strain options and strengths. Shatter Bars are lab tested for accurate dosing and are available is 250mg and 500mg strengths in 24 piece bars.   Eat one square or eat a bunch?   Shatter bars taste great and deliver the quality and product consistency Mr. Feelgood is known for, grab a shatter bar today!   Perfect for sleep, pain management, anxiety and more!   Toffee Crunch – 250mg – Sativa – $25     Toffee Crunch – 500mg – Sativa – $40     Toffee Crunch – 250mg – Indica – $25     Toffee Crunch – 500mg – Indica – $40   Cookies & Green – 250 mg – Indica – $25   Cookies & Green – 500 mg – Indica – $40 Cookies & Green – 250 mg – Sativa – $25 Cookies & Green – 500 mg – Sativa – $40  – Dark Chocolate Vegan bars available at $5 more per bar….. $45 for the 500 mg. and $30 for the 250 mg vegan bars.